Project 26: Me & Mine | Hattiesburg, MS Photographer

I am so excited to be involved with a new group for a bi-monthly project for 2012. If you are new here, let me explain! I am involved with a group of other photographers from all over the US and Canada! We will have themes that we will use to inspire us with our photography. 13 are “Me & Mine” which allows us to be in the picture with our families and 13 weeks of creative themes.  I love the challenges this type of project brings because it helps you think outside the box and it makes you keep shooting, which is what this is all about! It also allows us to get inspiration from each other and to support each other as photographers.

Our first project is “Me & Mine.” I am already cheating on my first assignment. I had a mere minutes to capture an image for this week’s theme before I had to dash to work, since sadly, I did not already have an image of me with my kids. I had no make up on my hair is about 3 days dirty so there was no way I wanted to be seen. I opted to show my bottom half with my three beautiful children. (Yes, there MAY have been some retouching of my thighs. I am just sayin’!)

So here is “Me & Mine!” My kids fought us every single moment but we pulled it off! My hubby took the shot for me.


You MUST continue with the fabulous Celeste Jones of Celeste Jones Photography, Wilmington Delaware Photographer. She is awesome and I cannot wait to see what she came up with for this week. Please continue until you have reached all the participants. You will not want to miss a single one!

hope - can’t even stand how rockin this is!! go suzanne! so glad to have you!

tamsen - heehee. Kids are always fun to take pics with- but I love real moments so this is perfect!

heidi - Love this-the comp, location, lighting, cute kiddos at your feet…your boots! Very very nice!!! :)

celestejones - I love this. Suzanne, I can’t wait to see more from you.

Misty Setzler - Your kids look thrilled. And if thats the landscape right outside your door I’m jealous, beautiful!

krista keller photography | Danville CA - This is so fun! I’m sitting here with no shower and hair 3 days dirty….i knew I would like you! :) Great shot!

Carey Pace - Love your interpretation of this! I’m sure there will be some months that I’m in the same predicament! But it is a beautiful image!

P26 {Me and Mine} – January | Aroha Photography - [...] please slide on over to my good friend Suzanne Carey Photography - Hattiesburg, MS and see what gorgeousness she has for us this [...]

Gail Pomare - I love this to the moon and back girlfriend!!!! It is so amazingly perfect and delicious. give the kids a big hug from Aunty Gail because they rocked it in their ‘being kids’ perfection…. love love loveeeee. you go girl.

jules - I love your take on this and if my thighs looked like this and if I had cute boots like this, I would totally take this shot! it’s so fun!!!

melissa deakin - hi suzanne!
i am so happy to be on this journey with you this year.
love this photo so much.
your children are gorgeous, so i know their mama is too!

Allison Jacobs - This background is SO gorgeous! You must live somewhere that there is actually fall weather!!! I love your little ones and the composition of just your bottom half! Cute, cute, cute!

Lora Swinson - I love the comp in this shot! Too cute!

Stephanie Moore {Tucson AZ Photographer} - I love this picture, Max is cracking me up. what a great project, something we all need to do, get in more pics w/ our kiddos!!!

Shea Parker | Peepeye Designs - haha! the first thing i thought when i saw this picture was- She cheated!! And then you even said it yourself! I am sure i will “cheat” at some point on this journey too! but hey, at least some part of ourselves will be in the photo! :) glad to see that other people’s kids are not excited to have their picture made either! ;) The reality if being the child of a photographer, but they are all precious just the same ;) – we will have to get together to do some pictures, but then our kids might really revolt!

Jayme F. - Oh my gosh Suzanne this is absolutely gorgeous. Your kiddos are so adorable. I can’t wait to share this project with you this year!

P26 {Me and Mine} – January » - [...] please slide on over to my good friend Suzanne Carey Photography - Hattiesburg, MS and see what gorgeousness she has for us this [...]

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