How I Lost 30 Pounds Eating Sonic Corn Dogs – A Review of My Weight Watchers Journey

Me today after a little over 30 pounds weight loss. My big public reveal. Thanks to my husband for taking them for me.

Yeah I know, my title. Cheap shot at getting your attention haha, but it’s the truth! I have been thinking about this post for weeks and I hope I can organize my thoughts because I am so passionate about this.

I started using the Weight Watchers (WW)  point system May 6th, 2013. A friend of mine told me that her  and others I knew from church were doing WW. At the time, my youngest was around 10 months old and I liked the idea of shedding a few pounds. Let me stop here and tell you that I never officially joined Weight Watchers, but looking back I would have joined officially. (I will explain that later.) I found an App for my iPhone to help me track my points and another App to help me with points at fast food restaurants. So with my phone in hand, I was ready to start!

For those not familiar with WW, its a very basic system based on points. It’s just basic math and that’s why I love it! Certain foods are assigned certain points. Based on your current weight, goal weight, and other factors, you will be given your points for each day. All I do is eat what I want, but stay within my point range. So let me go back to my Sonic Corn Dogs. If I find myself out and about and in need of lunch, a favorite stop of  mine is Sonic. A Sonic corn dog is 6 WW  Points Plus. That is very doable for me because I allot 8 points per meal. See, easy! I even have 2 points left over! This is what I LOVE about the WW’s program. You pretty much can eat what you want, as long as it stays within your points. It’s all about portion control! I enjoy salads, fresh fruit and veggies, but then I can also eat me some tater tots too. I would like to say I am a strict healthy eater, but I am not. I do like eating good foods, but I also like my indulgences too. Again, that is why I love WW. It totally works for me and my lifestyle.

I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet… get weekly extra points. Yep, you get 49 extra points each week on top of your daily allowances. I like to save those for the weekends to splurge on whatever I want. But, my standing date is EVERY Sunday I eat 6-8 fresh baked Toll House Cookies. So I guess my title could have been, “How I lost 30 Pounds Eating Toll House Cookies” because it is the truth. Again, it’s all about planning and using the points you are given.

I am a busy mom to four kids and my husband is a full time student. I hardly have any time or budget to go to a gym to work out.  And let me publicly admit this right here and now, I hate working out and the idea of it. Should I for the health of my heart and body? Absolutely. I just haven’t made that a part of my lifestyle yet. Every pound I have lost has been all attributed to eating less and healthier foods. But, another great thing about WW, is the more you work out, the more points you earn. So, feel like you want to splurge tonight for dinner? Go for a good walk and earn some points so you can. Yep, get rewarded for exercise. That’s a good thing.

So have I gotten you all excited yet? I have a few tips I will share if you decide to start this journey for yourself!

  • If you can, join Weight Watchers. Even though I was not using their system and had success, in the beginning it would have been nice to have a sponsor and someone I could ask questions because I had tons of questions. Luckily, I had a friend who had found her own success and she was generous with her time. Weight Watchers is always running specials and they have a jump start program they just introduced called “Simple Start.” They also have several resources available to members. One of those I wish I had now is a recipe calculator. You plug in your ingredients and it will tell you the points per serving. I feel it would be worth every penny!
  • Do it with a friend. It’s easier to set a goal with a friend and someone who can support you and you them.
  • Join a WW forum or start your own! For the people I knew at church doing WW, I created us a private group on Facebook so we could report our progress, our failures, new recipes, etc.
  • Stay positive! It’s a day by day process.

Here are the Apps I use on my phone to help me keep track of my points.

  • Pro Tracker - I no longer need my tracker, unless I want to calculate points. I just use the calculator on my phone now to keep up with my points. But, could not have done it without using it. It has it’s flaws, but I made it work for me.
  • Fast Food Nutrition Points - Did I mention I like to eat fast food? I really do. I use this daily and find it invaluable when eating out. It’s not just for fast food. Restaurants like Olive Garden, Lonestar Steak House, Applebee’s etc. are also included.

Weight Watchers is a lifestyle change. I have met my goal. I met my goal several months ago, but I still live it day by day. I guess I will be 80 years old and counting my points. Maybe. I hope so!

There is so much more I could share, but that would be the longest post in history. I plan on sharing more tips and favorite foods in future posts so come back if you are interested in sharing this journey with me!

With Love,




melissa deakin - Congratulations! You are gorgeous and I am so happy you posted this! What an amazing journey and I cannot believe that you can still eat those cookies on Sunday and lose 30 pounds. Chocolate chip cookies are my weakness!

Allison Jacobs - Congrats on the weight loss success Suzanne!!! You look AMAZING! Loved reading your story. <3

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Project 12 Portraits: {Year in Review} | Hattiesburg, MS Photographer

This year I have loved being a part of a wonderful group of fabulous photographers for our series on 12 Portraits. To recap, we used Chris Orwig’s book People Pictures for our theme this year and to use the themes for taking pictures of our own kids. I love being a part of this group because it pushed me to take pictures of my kids, which I know sounds crazy, but it’s true. It’s hard time to find the time/motivation to do it.

As I chose my favorites to share, here are my thoughts for this year:

1. I could only find that I did 7 months. I do not remember missing so many! I hate I missed so many.

2. I have WAY more pictures of my two oldest girls because they are easier to photograph. Huge regret on my part that I do not have more of  my youngest two.

3. I love looking back at these pictures and wonder why in the world have I not printed them??

The themes covered in my collage of 2013 are Garage Light, Bokeh, Blurred, Moody Black/White, Creative Location and Low light/Window Light. I hope you enjoy looking back with me.

Please continue to one of my most favorite people in the world, Krista Keller | Danville, CA Child Family & Senior Photography.

Allison Jacobs - It is so fun to see all your images together in one place! I always looked forward to seeing what you would come up with each month. I love your unique style & your gorgeous photography!!!

Jessica - These are so lovely!!!! I am so glad we are continuing on together for another year…

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Project 12 Portraits: {Out of Focus} | Hattiesburg, MS Photographer

Our lives have been so crazy so I have been MIA for the last two months. It feels great to be back, but this theme was quite a challenge. I have never done anything like this before, which is going to shoot with the intention of getting out of focus images. I knew that because my image would be out of focus, I needed a simple backdrop with negative space. I begged my 7 year old to be my model this month and she finally agreed. The light was literally on the horizon when we started so we only had like 5 minutes to make this work. I got some shots of her just standing, but I wasn’t loving them. She loves to twirl around and so I asked her to twirl and twirl for me. She had so much fun. The wind was blowing and I love how her long hair looks in these shots. I must say I loved what I was able to capture. This has probably been one of my most favorites this year! Do not forget, there are other fabulous photographers who are doing the same theme. Be sure to check them out. Up next is  the amazing Melissa Deakin Photography | Williamsville, NY Photographer.


Project 12 Portraits | Out of Focus » Jessica Holden Photography - [...] always, please continue on in our little circle to see what gorgeous softness Suzanne came up with this [...]

Allison Jacobs - Love the movement in these Suzanne!!! They are so beautiful & dreamy. We tried spinning too but I think it works better with girls… :D

Laura Veno - I love the twirling shots! This is really what I had in mind, though no one would twirl for me. Great execution on this one.

Jessica - Oh my gosh, Suzanne, these are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! You’ve totally inspired me to try again…

melissa deakin - Suzanne! I adore these images. I love the movement and the colors in her outfit with the bokeh lights in the background. They are magical. It’s funny–I was dreading this theme and it has turned out to be one of my favorites too; I have loved seeing everyone’s work.

Christine b - You never disappoint withe these themes!! THIS is beautiful…LOVE!

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Project 12 Portraits: {Bokeh} | Hattiesburg, MS Photographer

So this week our theme is “Bokeh”. Bokeh is the “blurry” part of the image, usually the background. I have taken tons of pictures of my kids with bokeh, but for our theme I wanted to try something different. To get some ideas, I Googled “bokeh” portraits and found the ones I was drawn to the most had lights in them. I would have loved to get some images with street lights in them, but that was not possible today. As usual, I wait until the last moment to shoot, but despite my last minute scramble I like what the girls and I were able to come up with. My oldest was getting eaten alive my mosquitos so most of her images were unusable because she looked so upset. Luckily, my little 7 year old was happy to help.  I got a new prop and she was more than happy to show it off for me. The flower crown was made by my friend, Kat Morris, aka Kitty, of Fritzi Marie. She makes them in all colors and sizes. Isn’t this one gorgeous??

To achieve good bokeh, I like to shoot wide open. These were all shot at 1.8 with my Canon 85mm prime lens.

Please continue to our next fabulous photographer, Christine Blaylock | Suburban Chicago, IL Newborn & Child Photographer. I cannot wait to see how her bokeh themed images turned out!

Laura Veno - Beautiful! I love using lights, as well- I love the romantic feel the lights give to these images and the softness that the flowers provide. Your girls are so sweet and I know these images are priceless!

Allison Jacobs - Stunning Suzanne. Seriously, I am searching for words…love your sense of style. Always. The simplicity of it really keeps the focus on the portrait but the lights & the flower crown add such perfect details. You blow me away every month!

melissa deakin - suzanne!
these are just amazing!
are those real roses? adore that head piece so much!
incredible work–you are so creative! love.

Jessica - Simply beautiful!!

Kim - Beautiful, the lights, your daughter….the effect is dreamy and luminous!

Amber norris - These are beautiful Suzanne. I love the last one!

cblayloc - Stunning! These blow me away every time I see them. Your girls are gorgeous and make the perfect little models.

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11 Months Going on Adorable! | Hattiesburg, MS Photographer

Okay so I am cheating here a little bit. Stella is actually 1 year old in less than two weeks but I am so past due in posting images of her. I did so good the first few months! Most of my recent pictures of her are with my iPhone. (Hangs head in shame) I am excited about her 1 year session with her little cake and outfit, but my favorites of her will always be of her on our bed or in her room. She loves standing on our bed, especially at the foot of it. It makes me so nervous. I am in complete and total shock that she will be one year this month. Wow, has time flown!

Christine b - love these!!! She is so stinkin’ cute!

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